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    Jamón ibérico


    Four (4) oz portion

    Jamón Ibérico, has a smooth texture and rich, savory taste. Widely considered the best ham on earth.

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    House Cured Pancetta


    A staple of classic Italian cooking as a flavoring additive for Carbonara, vegetables and more.

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    Forbes Meat Co. Bacon


    Heritage pork bacon. Cured in-house.

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    Pâté de Champagne


    A very approachable classic French pâté. This classic pâté is made with more ground pork than liver.

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    Foie Gras


    Five (5) ounces of foie gras.

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    Duck Confit


    Roasted in a 200 degree pan of duck fat with spices and herbs until crispy golden brown and fall-off the bone. A staple of French cuisine for hundreds of years.

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